Week 7 - Trying to see mass when every tree is doing its own thing.

Week 12 - Nothing like a morning frost in the South.

I have always heard that there is no substitute for painting everyday, so I finally decided to see for myself and that is how the #200paintings200days came to be. Starting in mid-october 2017 and working until May 2018 I have decided to paint daily, completing 200 paintings and documenting the growth that I hope to see. The summer of 2018, the whole project will be exhibited in Oxford, Mississippi as well as documented in a book.  I will be posting my weekly favorites here, but if you want to see them all, you can follow daily on Instagram @roarkstudios or on my Roark Studios Facebook page. You can also follow along with my blog at the bottom of the page.  Wish me luck!

Week 16 - Super moon, blood moon, blue moon gave a another great chance at nocturnals.

Week 11 - A little Christmas afternoon study back home

Week 3 - The first heavy frost of the year. Needless to say the colors will change after today

Week 6 - Back light and ground shadows. Difficult, but worth the effort!

Week 5 - Strong mid - day sun

Week - 8  I have always wanted to try nocturnals and the super moon finally gave me a chance

Week 17 - Grey winter days seem to go on and on

Week 15 - Leftover snow and leftover leaves.

Week 4 - Beautiful live oak on the Mississippi gulf coast

Week 14  - A few snow days to study! Always beautiful no matter how brief.

​Week 10 - Delta horizon with clouds rolling in

Week 2 - Love gnarly old trees 

Artist Carol Roark

Week 1 - Painting cotton modules. Very similar to block studies done with Sammy Britt years ago.

Week 13 - The coldest I think I've ever been but the light on the Rainey barn was amazing!

Week 9 - Cold, windy and grey today