Week 5 - Strong mid - day sun

Week - 8  I have always wanted to try nocturnals and the super moon finally gave me a chance

I have always heard that there is no substitute for painting everyday, so I finally decided to see for myself and that is how the #200paintings200days came to be. Starting in mid-october 2017 and working until May 2018 I have decided to paint daily, completing 200 paintings and documenting the growth that I hope to see. The summer of 2018, the whole project will be exhibited in Oxford, Mississippi as well as documented in a book.  I will be posting my weekly favorites here, but if you want to see them all, you can follow daily on Instagram @roarkstudios or on my Roark Studios Facebook page. You can also send me your email which will allow you to have each painting sent to your mail box. Wish me luck!

​Week 10 - Delta horizon with clouds rolling in

Week 4 - Beautiful live oak on the Mississippi gulf coast

Week 2 - Love gnarly old trees 

Week 3 - The first heavy frost of the year. Needless to say the colors will change after today

Week 6 - Back light and ground shadows. Difficult, but worth the effort!

Artist Carol Roark

Week 1 - Painting cotton modules. Very similar to block studies done with Sammy Britt years ago.

Week 9 - Cold, windy and grey today

Week 7 - Trying to see mass when every tree is doing its own thing.