Artist Carol Roark

Well now that you have found me, let me introduce myself. My name is Carol Roark and I am a very fortunate artist living at the edge of the Mississippi Delta. This is a perfect situation for me, because in case you haven't noticed, I am  passionate about not only my horses, but also the Mississippi landscape where I have lived all my life.

A person is very blessed to take the things she enjoys most and find a way to make a living with them. I thank God for that gift everyday and I enjoy sharing that gift with as many people as possible through my work and  all the students who have taken my classes over the years.

I am fascinated by light and color and how they create beauty all around us, whether reflected on a horse or person or in a landscape.  Many of the landscapes you see in my work are painted on location within a few miles of my farm. (It's okay if this makes you a little jealous, I would be too!)

So I invite you to sit down, relax, have a cold glass of ice tea and let me show you MY Mississippi

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